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Get involved

A great opportunity for you to give back to your community in Huron County. Anyone can volunteer!


You can make a difference by making a donation of food, finances or gifts-in-kind for a charitable receipt to fight hunger together in our communities.

Hunger in Huron County

Click the title to watch this video on YouTube to learn some surprising things about hunger in Huron County. Produced by local high school students.

The Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre, a Revenue Canada registered not-for-profit organization, is funded by donations from businesses, community groups and individuals. We are working in co-operation with the county’s food banks and the Huron County Health Unit to provide food security to everyone that has a need.

The Huron County Food Bank Distribution Centre is looking for partners and volunteers in the community to work together to eliminate hunger in Huron County. With your help and donation of time, finances and food products we can all be part of the solution.

Our mandate is to create a steady flow of much needed food from local businesses and farmers to the area food banks. The food banks, knowing the pulse of their immediate area are distributing the food to individuals and families in need.

Working together to make hunger non-existent in our communities.

Thank you to everyone who was part of the 2018 "Better Together" Ride to End Hunger  (even though the weather looked threatening) Here's some of you: