About Us

How We Work

The Distribution Centre’s purpose is to support the existing food banks. We channel large food donations in a free-flowing fashion to the local community food banks. Huron County is large and diverse, we rely on the local food bank to know the immediate needs of their own area. When the centre receives donations of food from farmers and food producers, we act as a  clearing-house, dividing the large donations into usable portions, then distributing to the food banks that have need of the products. The Distribution Centre helps with the extras such as fresh produce, dairy and meat as well as dry goods. The local food banks continue to count on individual donations for their basic needs.

Mission Statement
To provide food security for all people by supporting the food banks and aid agencies in Huron County and area.

Working together to make hunger non-existent in our communities.

Core Values
We will always remain true to our
passion to serve our communities.
To listen to what others have to say.  To recognize that everyone has a need. 
We will provide equitably to our partners to ensure a sustainable flow of
healthy foods.  
We will always be true to our vision and mission and recognize truth in all areas. 

To respond to the needs of the food banks, aid agencies and hunger issues in our communities.